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If you consider that

  • your rights have been violated,
  • you undertake significant financial and/or organizational actions,
  • you have been sued or charged,
  • you have to interact with law enforcement agencies or other state and  municipal authorities on significant issues,
  • you need to bring order into your legal matters,
  • or you seek for legal advice,

you should contact a lawyer.

No matter how difficult your legal matter is, there is always a solution. However, all your actions should be taken consciously, with understanding of all legal consequences.

Our lawyers will be glad to help you within their legal expertise. If your case is outside our specialization, we are still ready to listen to your case very carefully and recommend one of our colleagues who have the relevant expertise to you.

When talking to us, you may be sure that your information will stay confidential. All information entrusted to a lawyer is considered to be privileged and shall not become a matter of publicity.