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Alexey Zakharov

Partner, Attorney at law


Partner, Attorney at law


Alexey Zakharov is a founding partner of Puchkov& Partners law firm. He is responsible for criminal law practice, forensic and legal investigations.

Professional experience:

Alexey Zakharov started his legal career in the investigation office of the Department of Interior in the Sverdlovsk region where he investigated economic crimes and cybercrimes.

In 2005 Mr. Zakharov became deputy head of a large company, where he was responsible for legal matters.

After he had passed the bar exam in 2006 Alexey Zakharov started his private legal practice within the Sverdlovsk regional bar. He specialized in criminal law, litigation and commercial law.

In 2008 Mr. Zakhrov co-founded – together with his colleague Denis Puchkov – Puchkov& Partners law firm. 

Alexey Zakharov is a partner at Puchkov& Partners

Mr. Zakharov is a member of the following organizations:


  • 2001 – The Ural Institute of Law under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of the Interior (Yekaterinburg, Russia). Degree in Law.