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Denis Puchkov

Chairman, Attorney at law


Chairman, Attorney at law


Denis Puchkov is a founding partner of Puchkov& Partners law firm. He specializes in criminal law, investigations, litigation and intellectual property protection.

Professional experience:

Denis Puchkov started his professional legal career in law enforcement agencies followed by several years of practice as an in-house lawyer in a large company. In 2002 Mr. Puchkov took the bar exam and started his private practice as an attorney at law within Sverdlovsk Regional Bar. After six years of successful private practice Denis Puchkov founded – together with his colleague Alexey Zakharov– the Puchkov& Partners law firm. 

Mr. Puchkov has over ten years of professional legal experience in criminal defense, litigation and forensics. He is consistently engaged in time-consuming and laborious cases requiring strategy and meticulous planning. For example, Denis Puchkov led the case where he and his team interviewed and prepared for the court’s hearing more than 150 witnesses with respect to the hostile takeover of a company. In other cases Mr. Puchkov and his team have interviewed and prepared for the court’s hearing more than 100 witnesses with respect to commercial disputes.

Denis Puchkov is also known for handling matters that are unprecedented, like setting up practices of criminal charges for violation of intellectual property rights and criminal charges with respect to the judge, whose decision was deliberately illegal.

Mr. Puchkov is a member of the following organizations:


  • 1999 – The Ural Institute of Law under the auspices of Ministry of the Interior (Yekaterinburg, Russia). DegreeinLaw.
  • 2007 – Institute for Advocacy of Moscow State Academy of Law (Moscow, Russia) .Specialization in criminal and civil law.
  • PhD Program at Department for Criminal Law of The Ural State Law Academy (Yekaterinburg, Russia).
  • 2012 – Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow, Russia). Department for Finances and Accounting. Specialization in financial management.
  • 2014  - International language school, Auckand, New Zealand, English for University course - Upper Intermediate certificate.



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